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Posted on 22 May 2007 by Ozzy

This topic may seem out of place for this blog, but three weeks ago during a short business trip to Berlin I fucked a lady who wanted to use ropes and chains. The experience was surprisingly fresh and psychologically thrilling. I expected my penis to go limp at the sight of such scary tools, but her revealing black leather and gothic makeup made me so horny, that I really was willing submit to her. Who would have thought that I would actually stoop down like a dog to a woman, madly drooling for sex and whippings? The German chick was truly one of those “women who are normal outside but naughty inside.” Here is a short definition of S&M from the lesbian Kathy Belge:

S/M stands for Sadism and Masochism. Some prefer the term BDSM or Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission. Women who enjoy BDSM find that combining pleasure and pain turns them on. S/M is not abuse. It is consensual activity between willing partners. BDSM is a way for some women to gain power by pushing their limits. Some examples of S/M are: spanking, bondage, whipping, acting out scenes and attending sex parties.

Japan Times‘s Yumi Wijers-Hasegawa wrote an article about classified personal ads which led to her encounter with a bondage-obsessed French man. Yumi states that “every week in Japan, English-language magazines carry upward of 200 classified ads placed by both Japanese and non-Japanese people seeking to meet strangers whom they hope to strike up a relationship with.” I see ads like these in my local newspaper all the time but I doubted that readers would actually pursue them with interest. The people who put themselves on there either seem ugly, old and desperate, or too cocky for their own good. A casual reader can find entertainment by skimming over the blatant requests for “spanking, bondage and group sex” aside from the “plenty craving true love.” As part of her experiment, Yumi deliberately replied to the following personal ad with the hope of discovering who these people are:

European master is ready to teach you about submission. Don’t be shy, take the first step and you will never regret it

After an awkward arranged rendezvous, Yumi found out that “he had posted 20 ads and trained about 10 women aged from 22 to 45 ‘to a level where they would do anything.’” The girls are literally his bitches, but in a respectful way. He is the revered sensei and his group of S/M students are innocent naked concubines who willingly wrap their wrists in chains. According to the French bondage freak, he described submission as an art form: “It’s not just sex, it’s also the mind. It can also be about pain.” Yumi reports that “he said he especially likes to meet people who are unsure whether they are submissive or not, as he can push them to understand themselves and discover how far they can go.” I think that every man needs to try bondage and submission at least once in their lifetime. I now have my wife hooked on it now. If your own wife or girlfriend loathes the idea, you can always try it with a willing hooker.

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