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How To Create A Successful Adult Blog

Posted on 06 July 2007 by Ozzy

Before I go on, I want to make it clear that there are two types of adult blogs: the good and the bad.

There are really spammy adult blogs like this one which are constantly auto-scraping content and publishing it in an “I don’t give a shit if a human reads this” form. Like I said, these blogs are made for search engines and they are participating in a sort of Adsense Arbitrage, except the Adsense is replaced with adult ads in this case. This is a different strategy that does work, but needs to be done on a massive scale to be monetized, but this will soon be phased out as soon as Google and the other search engines figure out a way to pinpoint and nail this spam.

And then there are the quality adult blogs that are thoughtfully well-written. These are the kind that I add to my RSS reader and take the time to read the posts every morning. Examples of blog entries that fall under this category would be Billy Watson’s post about Lil Miss Kitty and Fleshbot’s explanation of boinking.

With that said, you will not succeed with the first type of crappy adult blog. Many programmers try to sell scripts for scraper blogs like that on adult webmaster forums, but don’t buy into it. These adult “splogs” are only good when you have hundreds of them and need a massive collection of less-than-mediocre backlinks for SEO purposes. They have a hard time ranking for keywords, too, because like I said they are shit and Google can smell it from thousands of pages away.

So here are some steps you can take to start an adult blog that is going to receive substantial traffic and make you money.

Pick a niche

This is the most crucial factor in creating a successful adult blog. You must pick a niche and focus all your content on it. This helps your blog by boosting its image in the visitor’s frame of mind as well as the search engines. Someone who likes huge jugs is going to frequent a big boobs blog, while someone who has a predilection for MILFs would want to visit a MILF blog.

Blog about something you that gives you a boner

So what if you heard that gay porn blogs make some nice bucks. Would you jump on the bandwagon and start one too? I wouldn’t, unless you are actually a fan of gay porn. Just like anything else in life, if you are just in it for the money it will be so obvious. Your voice of passion would not be present in any of your blog posts and, consequently, you would not develop a loyal reader base. End result? Dead blog. Abandoned blog.

Join the right affiliate programs and FOCUS

No matter how awesome your blog may be, your affiliate program will make or break you in regards to making money online. Choose adult sponsors that have amazing promo content (mediocre isn’t going to cut it for making conversions) and check if they are reliable and on time with their payments. A good sponsor to start off with is JuggCash, who has great content and one of the best conversion rates among adult sponsors.

Sign up for JuggCash

Also, many newbie adult bloggers make the mistake of jumping from affiliate program to program. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Make money with a couple of good affiliate programs, because it is very difficult to micromanage multiple ones. This is the difference between making a 4-figure income off of an adult blog each month and making nothing at all.

Traffic is directly proportional to how much money you make

So go out there and let that traffic flow to your blog. Here are some tips.

  • Use your blog link in forum signatures where people may actually follow it, i.e. make sure it’s a relevant forum.
  • Request link exchanges with high-traffic high-quality blogs. Note: Link exchanges are no longer effective for SEO purposes, but it’s a good way to get referral traffic.
  • Buy traffic. You may want to save this for later as it is not cheap.
  • Trade traffic using scripts and networks.

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  1. AWM Says:

    Good tips, thanks. But only for english-speakers webmasters.


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