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Naomi Campbell Nipple Slip Fashion Show

Naomi Campbell Nipple Slip Fashion Show

Posted on 21 November 2011 by admin

Naomi Campbell Nipple Slip Naomi Campbell Nipple Slip Fashion ShowSupermodel Naomi Campbell at a Fashion Show accidentally exposing her nipple to the cameras. See the famous British model declared a “supermodel” of her generation leaning over in a silk black dress showing her big black nipple.
See Naomi’s nipple up close as she leans over without a bra on in a loose dress. Look all the way down her dress seeing all her cleavage and rack as you do. See her huge pokie excited nipple as it pops right out of her black dress top in front of everyone at this fashion event. Check out Naomi Campbell up on stage and sitting down showing her cleavage the entire time.
Hot high quality nipple slip pictures of this reigning queen of the fashion industry exposing her nipple on accident. See the nipple slip photos that she didn’t want to happen. All the revealing nipple slip photos Naomi Campbell and celeb movies didn’t want you to see.

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Solo Girl Exhibitionists

Solo Girl Exhibitionists

Posted on 25 August 2011 by admin

UOMaw Solo Girl Exhibitionists

Some girls are exhibitionists, it’s just a fact of life. No matter what they do they can’t shake the feeling that they should take their clothes off and show everyone their naked bodies. Some of these girls become strippers or go-go dancers and that’s enough for them. Others need a bigger audience so they start taking work as nude models, posing for different photographers in various states of undress. Others need an even bigger audience to get themselves off, these girls become solo girls and have whole websites dedicated to turning guys on by taking it all off. Hot babes like Got Gisele, Autumn Riley and Ivy Black have become famous online for taking pleasure in turning guys on. They make everyone happy as they embrace their exhibitionism.

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Is Homemade Porn Better Than Professional?

Posted on 27 October 2007 by admin

What do most people prefer the “real” professional porn or homemade porn? Personally i prefer homemade as i like the fact its real and not fake girls acting out their enjoying themselves with the usually cheesey moaning, fake tits and all that shit. Its hard to find good homemade porn videos but is a great site for this and worth a look.

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Craziest Deep Throat Video

Posted on 06 August 2007 by Ozzy

This is the craziest deepthroat video I’ve yet to see. This hot brunette girl willingly takes that cock and runs her mouth (and throat) on it. I’ve never seen a girl down a cock down her throat that forcefully, on her own. The craziest part about this is that this deepthroat action takes place among an orgy of fucking. A massive orgy fuck and we focus in on this deepthroat action. How much better can it get? You’ll just have to see for yourself in the video below…

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Suck On Clitoris Hardcore Masturbation Video

Posted on 18 July 2007 by Ozzy

Clitoris Pump Masturbation

Here is a crazy hardcore masturbation video where she uses a vacuum pump to suck out her clitoris. Any human mouth cannot beat the power of a pump. Even if I use all of my facial strength to perform oral sex on my girlfriend, I could not even make the clit come out even a centimeter. It seems like this girl has experience with using a clitoris pump. Just look at the size of that clit — it’s like a mini penis. I’d say it’s a turn-off, but an interesting and arousing video despite the case.

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1970’s Porn Video With Jeannie Millar

Posted on 11 July 2007 by Ozzy

Jeannie Millar

She’s a sexy Thai porn star who is starring in this 1970′s porn film. Even though Jeannie is ethnically Asian, her body has the right curves to make a European porn star jealous. Granted, this film was not really produced in the 1970′s because they didn’t have film quality like this back then, but the theme of the video takes place in a 1970′s jukebox diner.

Jeannie Millar looks gorgeous for her role in this 1970′s porn video because she looks natural in a busty white dress with her beautiful breasts exposed halfway. Plus, Jeannie’s pretty oriental face is very seductive as she sucks on the milkshake and cherry.

You won’t see any hardcore or blowjob action on this one, because Jeannie is teasing the camera with her beauty. But check out the link below for a busty beauty in nasty action.

Click Here For Free Videos Of A Beautiful Busty Indian Girl Naked And Giving A Blowjob

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Gorgeous Busty Italian Lesbians Video

Posted on 09 July 2007 by Ozzy

Italian chicks are renowned for their boldness. Watch these two beautiful Italian girls begin running their lips and tongues all over each other’s perfectly tanned bronze body. Brown Hair Full of Volume. Vixen-like eyes. A shiny bronze tan. They are unmistakably the natives from the coasts of Italy.

Italian Lesbians

I love the dark-haired mediterranean girls. When you go to parties, it’s easy to spot the Italian girls because of their skin color and busty body styles. The mystery is that many of these Italian girls are lesbians. But they also enjoy cock too, so that must make them bi-sexual. In the video below, the two Italian girls manhandle the guy outdoors and they show how lubricated the Italian mouth and pussy are.

Click Here For Three Busty Lesbian Porn Stars Getting It On

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Sensual Tongue-Ring Blowjob Video

Posted on 09 July 2007 by Ozzy

I am definitely a blow job fan. I’ve had my share of love blowjobs and paid blowjobs. Of course, the former is more enjoyable because you feel more connected with the girl. But, then again, the latter is cool too because you feel empowered by the fact that you are paying for it, so you can make the girl do almost whatever you would like.

Tongue Ring Blowjob

A tongue ring blowjob is something that must be experienced if you haven’t already done so. I thought the tongue rings were nasty at first, you know, kind of freakish. But after getting head from a girl with a tongue ring, I think they are absolutely sexy. It feels so good having that small metal ball rubbing up and down your cock, especially around the rim of your head.

Watch the following video of a girl giving a blowjob with a tongue ring. I especially love the part where she tickles the hole of the penis with her tongue ring.

Click Here For Pics Of Girl With Tongue Ring Blowing Hard

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How To Create A Successful Adult Blog

Posted on 06 July 2007 by Ozzy

Before I go on, I want to make it clear that there are two types of adult blogs: the good and the bad.

There are really spammy adult blogs like this one which are constantly auto-scraping content and publishing it in an “I don’t give a shit if a human reads this” form. Like I said, these blogs are made for search engines and they are participating in a sort of Adsense Arbitrage, except the Adsense is replaced with adult ads in this case. This is a different strategy that does work, but needs to be done on a massive scale to be monetized, but this will soon be phased out as soon as Google and the other search engines figure out a way to pinpoint and nail this spam.

And then there are the quality adult blogs that are thoughtfully well-written. These are the kind that I add to my RSS reader and take the time to read the posts every morning. Examples of blog entries that fall under this category would be Billy Watson’s post about Lil Miss Kitty and Fleshbot’s explanation of boinking.

With that said, you will not succeed with the first type of crappy adult blog. Many programmers try to sell scripts for scraper blogs like that on adult webmaster forums, but don’t buy into it. These adult “splogs” are only good when you have hundreds of them and need a massive collection of less-than-mediocre backlinks for SEO purposes. They have a hard time ranking for keywords, too, because like I said they are shit and Google can smell it from thousands of pages away.

So here are some steps you can take to start an adult blog that is going to receive substantial traffic and make you money.

Pick a niche

This is the most crucial factor in creating a successful adult blog. You must pick a niche and focus all your content on it. This helps your blog by boosting its image in the visitor’s frame of mind as well as the search engines. Someone who likes huge jugs is going to frequent a big boobs blog, while someone who has a predilection for MILFs would want to visit a MILF blog.

Blog about something you that gives you a boner

So what if you heard that gay porn blogs make some nice bucks. Would you jump on the bandwagon and start one too? I wouldn’t, unless you are actually a fan of gay porn. Just like anything else in life, if you are just in it for the money it will be so obvious. Your voice of passion would not be present in any of your blog posts and, consequently, you would not develop a loyal reader base. End result? Dead blog. Abandoned blog.

Join the right affiliate programs and FOCUS

No matter how awesome your blog may be, your affiliate program will make or break you in regards to making money online. Choose adult sponsors that have amazing promo content (mediocre isn’t going to cut it for making conversions) and check if they are reliable and on time with their payments. A good sponsor to start off with is JuggCash, who has great content and one of the best conversion rates among adult sponsors.

Sign up for JuggCash

Also, many newbie adult bloggers make the mistake of jumping from affiliate program to program. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Make money with a couple of good affiliate programs, because it is very difficult to micromanage multiple ones. This is the difference between making a 4-figure income off of an adult blog each month and making nothing at all.

Traffic is directly proportional to how much money you make

So go out there and let that traffic flow to your blog. Here are some tips.

  • Use your blog link in forum signatures where people may actually follow it, i.e. make sure it’s a relevant forum.
  • Request link exchanges with high-traffic high-quality blogs. Note: Link exchanges are no longer effective for SEO purposes, but it’s a good way to get referral traffic.
  • Buy traffic. You may want to save this for later as it is not cheap.
  • Trade traffic using scripts and networks.

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8 Essential WordPress Plugins For Adult Blogs

Posted on 05 July 2007 by Ozzy

WordPress for Adult Bloggers

I made my first big bucks from the porn industry with my small but faithful collection of adult blogs. I would say that half of this success comes from choosing WordPress as a blogging platform. When I set up multiple domains and I have the choice to choose among several blogging platforms such as Blogger, WordPress and Thumblogger, I always return to this loyal open-source software.

The Hosting Company Matters Too

It also helps that I host dozens of my adult blogs on Dreamhost, who offers one-click WordPress installations. It’s so simple to start a new domain in this way that I haven’t been able to switch to another company to host my adult blogs. Also, what other hosting company allows you to set up a virtually unlimited number of domains on a single account? I’d say that’s perfect for an adult blogger who will operate multiple blogs.

Sign up for Dreamhost Hosting

The Prime Feature of WordPress

What makes WordPress so awesome is its ability to take plugins. You just stick them in and — voila — instant added functionality. For us adult bloggers, these plugins are especially crucial for SEO purposes. They pretty much take care of all the on-site search engine optimization for you. So I just create a folder called “Important WordPress Plugins” on my desktop and unzip the following plugin files into it. And then whenever I start a new blog, I just drag and drop them into the new domain and I can immediately enable them and get rocking with my blogging and traffic generation.

The following is a list of 8 WordPress plugins that I always use with my adult blogs. Download them and keep them organized in a folder as I mentioned above for future drag and drop use.

Duplicate Content Cure

Google nails many blogs for their duplicate content. It’s not your fault if a quarter of your pages end up in Google’s Supplemental Index. That’s just the way blogs were conceived in the beginning. Your content is dispersed across the home page, single posts, category pages, and archives. No wonder Googlebot’s eyes are boggling with all this duplicate content. This plugin solves this problem in a simple way by adding noindex and nofollow meta tags to category and archive pages.

Download the Duplicate Content Cure plugin

SEO Title Tag

Your basic WordPress installation and theme is not search engine optimized for title tags at all. The default title structure may look like this: Blog Name « Post Category « Post Title.

Meanwhile, the optimal way to rank your individual posts in the search engines is to use just the post title itself in the title tag. So this plugin does just that for you, plus you can manually modify title tags for each post or page. This plugin is a must-have for every adult blogger, unless you plan on hacking up the theme yourself.

Download the SEO Title Tag plugin

Adsense Deluxe

No, you cannot place Google Adsense ads on porn websites. So why bother with this plugin?

Contrary to its name, Adsense Deluxe gives you the functionality to easily insert any type of advertisement into your blog template or post. I generally use it to insert ad boxes for adult contextual ads like AVN Ads or Contexaclick into individual posts. This is useful because later when you decide to edit the ad, you can change them all at once using the Adsense Deluxe option menu instead of visiting each of the posts and editing them one-by-one.

Download the Adsense Deluxe plugin

Did You Pass Math?

WordPress is protected from comment spam by its legendary Akismet filter. But sometimes even that lets a few spam comments slip through on a high traffic blog. Just like you soak your condom in spermicide, why not use double protection on your blog? This plugin asks the visitor to do some simple math before they can submit the comment.

Download the Did You Pass Math plugin

Objection Redirection

Here’s another SEO-related plugin. All domains have two instances: a url with a preceding www and another url without. Both point to the same content but they’re still separate entities. Focus all your pagerank to a single instance of your url and avoid duplicate content by doing a 301 redirect.

There are two ways of going about this. You can write the mod-rewrite code for the htaccess file yourself… or you can just download the Objection Redirection plugin which is faster and easier.

Download the Objection Redirection plugin

Related Posts

This plugin serves two useful purposes. First, it spreads the link juice in each individual post to other relevant blog entries. Second, it redirects your visitors to other blog posts that they would want to read.

Download the Related Posts plugin

Feedburner Feedsmith

If you haven’t done so already, sign up with Feedburner. This Google service lets you have complete control over your RSS feed. Not only can you monitor how many people are subscribed to your RSS feed, but you can also offer email subscriptions to your website without the hassle of extra PHP scripts.

What this plugin does it seamlessly integrate the Feedburner version of your RSS feed into your WordPress installation.

Download the Feedburner Feedsmith plugin

WP Cache

This plugin is in preparation for when your server gets hit hard with traffic. WordPress is a PHP script, so your server does some server-side processing every time someone accesses your blog. Now imagine hundreds and thousands of queries coming in at the same time: your web server will get bogged down.

This plugin caches each page of your blog as html to feed to your visitors. And this cache gets refreshed every time you make a change to your blog, so don’t worry about serving up old content by accident.

Download the WP Cache plugin

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